What we do

We are involved in different industries :


We provide engineering services ( computer design, review of welding procedures – WPS/PQR – , qualification of materials ) as well on site industrial services related to production ( lean manufacturing consulting, production planning, quality control, expediting ). We have a speciality in Power & Energy projects. Among other, we participated in Siemens Project’s New Capital ( Egypt ) and also Bilfinger’s Manjung (Malaysia). We also have a long lasting involvement in solar energy with projects realized in Australia, China, Mauritius & Europe.


We provide specific transportation solutions based on customer’s needs. We have a rich experience in off road & demanding environment transportation solutions. Either for O&G applications in West Africa, either for moving goods in crowded warehouses, either E-mobility, we have a solution ! Our engineers will help you design based on your requirements and make an unique product : yours !